Friday, May 15, 2009

Off to Market!

Hello All! I'm going to try posting my "market fresh" listing on my new blog and then emailing it to the Willowood Farm newsletter recipients. Let me know how this works (or doesn't)...
Coming TOMORROW to the Coupeville and Bayview farmer's markets:

* Head Lettuce - 8 varieties tomorrow! Bronze Mignonette and Amish Speckled, both heirloom baby butterheads; Antares, Flashy Butter Oak, Blushed Butter Oak and Royal Oakleaf - all great base for a wicked good salad; Cardinale, one of my favorites crunchy with a bite!; and Petite Rouge, the ever beautiful rumply, glossy red romaine.
* Mesclun Mix - spicy and beautiful
* Arugula!!!! Come quick it goes fast...
* Spinach - 2 kinds both from Prairie Bottom Farm. Green semi-savoy and the ever cool Red Bordeaux.
* Mustard Green bunches - Red Giant (watch out, it's hot!), Yukina Savoy Tatsoi and Pink Lettucey
* Kale - Tuscan and White Russian
* Collards
* Pea Vines
* Radishes - several flavors!
* Baby Leeks - who doesn't like them?
* Baby Walla Walla Salad Onions - EVERYBODY likes them!
* Egyptian Walking Onions and Shallot thinnings from Prairie Bottom Farm

We can't wait to see you there! Farmer Georgie will be holding down the fort (tent) at the Bayview Farmer's Market. Wilbur, Julianna (of Prairie Bottom Farm) and Willowood Farm intern Elizabeth will be taking care of business in Coupeville. Also, don't forget, tomorrow is the always cool Coupeville Water Festival so check out all the fun activities and great canoe racing!

Happy eating!
Farmer Georgie
Willowood Farm of Ebey's Prairie

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  1. Thanks for this posting Georgie! I've been meaning to come back to the island on a Saturday so I can pick up some fresh produce from you! Maybe this weekend, hopefully! It's great to have this as a resource while I'm up here in Bellingham and help spread the word about your farm! -Kelsi