Saturday, November 27, 2010

Locovores Alert - Local Food Gifts for the Holiday's!

It's been quite a week!  Snow, seriously chilly temperatures, lots of wind, than Thanksgiving and now the first of four Bayview Holiday Markets! 
That's right, I'm back up to my early morning Saturday ways, getting ready for a market that will feature all your favorite Bayview Farmer's Market vendors, with lots of great holiday gift ideas, only INSIDE the Bayview Hall!  Yeah!
And here at Willowood Farm we have been busy elves, cleaning beans, dehydrating garlic and wrapping up gift boxes so we have LOADS of great local food gifts perfect for the holidays.
* Dry Bean Bags!  Finally, we have (almost) all the dry beans threshed and dried.  Lots of selection today with all sorts of cool heirloom dry beans.
* Garlic Flakes.  These are dehydrated flakes of Willowood Farms great garlic.  No better way to keep fresh garlic flavor for ages and ages and in an easy to use way as well!  A favorite of our friend Vicky from Little Brown Farm!
* Nootka Rose Garlic Braids.  So beautiful and a great way to store garlic!
* Food Gift Boxes - We are offering several food gift boxes this year.  A Garlic Lover's Gourmet Gift Box, a Bean Lover's Gift Box and our "Harvest Feast" Gift Box.  All are presented in attractive REAL wood slatted boxes that are great for re-use later.  We are bringing a number to market today, or you can come check them out and order for pick-up at any of the next three markets before Christmas.
And because, well, we are all about veggies, we went out and scoured the fields for the "after the big chill" pick.  Amazingly enough, we got some stuff too!  So make sure to come by the market if you are hankering for some great local veggies like:
* Potatoes!  10 lb and 2 lb bags.  All fabulous gourmet varieties and perfect for the holidays.
* Baby Head Lettuce. Yes, this may just be the last head lettuce til spring!  Picked right before the big chill sent in by a frantic farmer.
* Kale!  This actually survived the weather.  Love, love, love the kale!
* Winter squash.  Happily tucked away in our space heater heated "warm room."
* Garlic!  Still some lovely garlic left.
* Red Cippolini onions.
* Cabbage!  Green, red and savoy.  Another survivor of the"big chill" we were happy to find.
So, we hope to see you tomorrow!  Or one of the next four Saturdays.  The market will run usual market time, 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. in the Bayview Hall right at the far end of where the market is during the summer.  Hope to see you there!

Farmer Georgie
Willowood Farm of Ebey's Prairie