Friday, May 29, 2009

A beautiful Market Day Saturday!

We are predicted to have another GORGEOUS day tomorrow so we hope to see you all at the Bayview and Coupeville markets! It's a wee bit windy on the prairie at the moment (blowing I would guess, a steady 20 mph with higher gusts...) but we got all the food picked and out before the little gale picked up late this afternoon.
And exciting news for those of you attending the Coupeville market - Wilbur Purdue (who partners with Willowood Farm in the market booth with produce from his farm, Prairie Bottom), is starting tomorrow at the Coupeville market with his new tractor and wagon market booth set-up! We will be loading up our produce from the packing shed at Willowood early tomorrow morn and Wilbur will drive the trailer to market with his 1950s era cultivator tractor (a slightly newer model than mine)! How cool is that? Let us know what you think but we are pretty excited (and I can't wait til I can finally get a team of drafthorses and then pull a wagon to market with them! A farmer has to dream...).
Anyways, fresh produce coming to market tomorrow -
- LOADS OF LETTUCE! Plan a salad. We have leaf lettuce mix and a HUGE selection of gorgeous head lettuce.
- Kohlrabi! Finally, I've been promising it for 2 weeks! Beautiful and tasty!
- Radishes - multiple colors!
- Kale
- Collards
- Spinach
- Walking Onions
- Shallot thinnings
- Pea vines
- Mountain spinach bunches (a cool new green, I'll bring recipes)
- Baby, loose leaf swiss chard
- Baby arugula (that was unfortunately, hit hard by flea beetles. Still darn tasty and we'll be doing half-off!
- Garlic scapes
- Herbs
And much more I'm forgetting! Hope to see you there!


  1. My onions are starting to bulb up nicely. Has anyone heard of bending the tops over to promote bulbing and slow green top growth?

  2. Mike! (Great avatar photo!)...
    I was SO thinking of you today. Mostly because #1 Dad and I planted beans today. And #2 I was thinking how handy it would be if you were here to run the cultivator tractor, for like a day or two, SO many weeds coming up!!!!
    My new crew, I've been keeping them so busy, they've only just been figuring out the tractors.
    Ah well...And by the way, we planted about 3x the space to beans we did last year. Yikes. Georgie curve in OVERTIME right now!
    Anyways, bending over tops, I've heard of that, but I've never done it. I know if you are really going for nice storage onions (versus ones you just eat up right away), it is important to get a thin neck that dries up nicely and therefore not open to potential fungal diseases later....I think bending the top over works to help that. I probably wouldn't bother with onions that were not going to be for storage.
    The torpedo onions we planted last fall and starting to bulb for me right now. Really nice and HUGE. I think I'm going to just stick with loads of those for overwintered onions and forget the Walla Wallas...
    The garden (farm), looks really good this year. Still have to get the squash in (I am ALWAYS so late on that...but looks like we'll get it in next week which wasn't any worse than last year so should be okay!).
    Gotta run!

  3. Georgie

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    Thank you