Saturday, May 23, 2009

Hello! Coming to the Bayview and Coupeville Farmer's Market TODAY with a wonderful selection of fresh, naturally grown goodies for your Memorial Day weekend festivities!
Bringing today -

- GLORIOUS head lettuce - multiple kinds, colors, tastes...
- Collards and Kale bunches. Tender and tasty!
- Beautiful baby Walla Walla onion bunches
- Red-veined spinach - pretty and tasty!
- Semi-savoy spinach - also pretty and tasty!
- Radishes - A colorful new crop of French Breakfast and Cherry Belle!
- Garlic Scapes - the first of the crop! The tender "seed" scape of a hard-neck garlic. Amazing!
- Baby lettuce mix!
- Mixed beet green bunches
- Braising greens
- Egyptian Walking Onions
- French Grey Shallot thinnings
And more stuff I'm not thinking of...
Hope to see you there!
Georgie Smith, Farmer
Willowood Farm of Ebey's Prairie

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