Saturday, July 10, 2010

We are HOT! On the farm...

And then we keep picking....This is Lydia, picking spinach, at 6:30 in the morning.

After surviving the heat of the afternoon, we start picking again. This is Dan, digging potatoes, at 8:30 at night.  Thank goodness for 15 hours of daylight in July! 

And I am also happy, happy, happy to report that the weather has cooled down nicely for market day today.  Still sunny and beautiful, but looks like we are going to have our more normal "high 60s" weather today.  Which is great, because all those veggies we picked early and late do not like sitting around at market day in 80 degree weather! 
We have a great selection today so check out the list...
Fresh veggies coming to the Coupeville and Bayview markets today!
From the hard-working crew at Willowood Farm:
* Gorgeous baby new potatoes!
* Carrot bunches
* Kale - 3 kinds
* Rainbow Chard
* Lovely summer cabbage - great for coleslaw!
* Garlic scapes
* Fresh garlic - roasting types!
* Spinach bags
* Pea vine bags
* Dandelion greens
* Agretti - this new strange very popular green from Italy.  We will bring recipe cards!
* Walla Walla Onion bunches
* Collard bunches
* Fava beans!  First picking!
* Head lettuce - gorgeous new crop
* Broccoli
* Romanesco cauliflower

From our friends and neighbors at Prairie Bottom Farm:
* Potatoes - bigger ones
* Red spinach
* Peas - snow and sugar snap
* Beets
* Mustard bunches
* Cauliflower
And more!

Hope to see you at market today!

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