Friday, July 2, 2010

Really quick market list!

Since I was suppose to be on my father's sailboat oh, 7 hours ago, I'm going to make this quick and to the point!  (Trying to take a family vacation first of July when you are a farmer is, well, not always easy to do!).

So here is the quick and dirty list because the reason I'm so late today???? We picked like FIENDS for the big pre 4th of July markets.  Our cooler is PACKED to the gills with lovely stuff.  And here are the details...

Coming to the Bayview and Coupeville markets tomorrow!
From Willowood Farm
* Loads and loads and loads of Kohlrabi!
* Garlic Scapes
* Fresh Garlic
* Broccoli
*Romanesco Cauliflower
* Chard, kale and collard bunches
* Cabbage!
* Walla Walla Onions
* Mesclun bags
* Spinach bags
* Carrot bunches

From Prairie Bottom farm
* Mixed colors baby taters
* Scallions
* Snow Peas
* Cauliflower
* Mixed mustard bunches
* Beets
And from Whidbey Green Goods
* Sugar Snap peas!

And more I surely forgot to list!  Hope to see you there tomorrow and everyone have a happy and safe 4th of July!

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