Saturday, May 29, 2010

Rain, rain and MORE RAIN!

So what's a farmer to do when it's raining an inch and an half and you have market the next day?  That's an easy one!  You get wet!  Really, really wet!

This is Dan.  One of the farm's interns this year.  He is working on putting up a plastic greenhouse.  Our first one!  Right now, I think he is thinking - "If this darn thing was only finished, I would be dry instead of SOPPING wet..."

Here's Lydia, another of the farm interns.  Planting lettuce starts.  Lydia discovered that apparently "waterproof" slickers are only waterproof, up to a point...

And this is Matthew, the 3rd Willowood Farm intern, picking peas.  Unfortunately I didn't get a picture of him earlier when we he was wearing a garbage sack.  He looked like a garbage monster in the pea patch. Grr!!!!

And while this rain, rain, rain means Farmer Georgie won't be planting her 3 acres of dry beans today (sigh), we like to look at the good side of things on the farm.  One good thing - well, we really did need the rain!  Things were quite dry out there.  Second good thing - despite the rain and thanks to my intrepid crew, we STILL have loads of veggies picked and waiting to come to my brave and stalwart market customers who we know will venture out, umbrella's in hand, to find the local veggies.  It's a team thing, this locally grown food and farming...We grow and bring you the food, rain or shine, and you come and buy it (fingers crossed) even when the weather is less than "market friendly..."
Or so we hope.  And for those of you who do brave this gray and muddy day, you will be rewarded accordingly with the following yummies at the Coupeville and Bayview markets:

From Willowood Farm
- Peas, peas, peas!  At both markets!  We understand peas sold out WAY too fast last weekend at Coupeville, so we are bringing the goods this week.  Delightful, dwarf grey sugar peas.  Sweet, tender, yummy!
- Head lettuce, head lettuce, head lettuce!  The Willowood Farm famous head lettuce is back and in abundance.  Big, beautiful.
- Green onion bunches, young and tender.
- The very last of the giant yet amazingly good radishes!
- First picking of tender baby Japanese turnips!
- Fabulous spinach bunches and bags
- Mache
And more...
From Prairie Bottom Farms
- Baby beet bunches
- Chard bunches
- Kale
- French Breakfast radishes
- Lettuce Mix (Coupeville only)
- Spinach!
And more...
So we hope to see you there, rain or shine!  We'll be there.  Soggy, wet and wonderful!
Farmer Georgie
Willowood Farm of Ebey's Prairie

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