Saturday, May 22, 2010

Lots of food, lots of photos!

It's been so busy here on the farm I've hardly had time to put together two thoughts over than "weed, water, pick, plant..."
So I thought I would just include a bunch of photos in today's postings rather than try to address all the joys and tribulations of farming in a blog posting.  And photo's are always good, right? So here goes...

This was from potato planting day.  Almost a month ago, actually.  We planted over 1000 lbs of seed potato, about an acre and a half!  Yikes!  The plants are just starting to poke up through the hills right now...Don't you like our high tech method?  Get lots of volunteers, drop potato in row.  Voila! Potatoes planted...

 This is Dan, one of the farm interns, plowing in a field.  I hate to brag but...don't I got some good dirt?

A lovely few rows of head lettuce, which will be coming to market today!

And I think this might be my favorite photo in quite a while.  The juxtaposition of dirty hands, weeds and pink painted fingernails!  A classic!

And now, because I know you are all are just dying to know, here is what we will be bringing to market today (and watch out folks, we have LOTS of food today!)...
Coming to the Coupeville AND Bayview markets...
From Willowood Farm of Ebey's Prairie
- Head Lettuce, head lettuce, head lettuce!  We will have over 100 heads at each market.  Lots of varieties and offering some great deals.  Not to mention RECIPES! is a link for ideas of "other than salad" uses for lettuce (I love the soup idea!).
- Radishes.  These guys are HUGE this week.  But amazingly enough, sweet and crunchy all the way through.
- Arugula bags.  Because you can never have enough arugula.
- Mache bags.  One of our new favorites, ask for sample if you've never had it!
- Hot Red Giant Mustard bunches.  Fabulous stir-fried!
- Tatsoi bunches!
- Some gorgeous Redbor Kale
- Garlic scapes! I'm always excited about garlic scapes!  This is the first picking of the year, expect to see LOTS of them over the next month.
- Peas!  Yes that's right, Peas!  I will only be having them at Bayview however, as we have a small picking and I hear Linda from Rosehip has a bunch of peas at the Coupeville market this week.
From Wilbur and Julieanna at Prairie Bottom Farm
- French Breakfast radishes!
- Gorgeous Red Chard bunches
- Scallions bunches
- Spinach - Red and Green!
And I know we have more stuff I'm forgetting as it's early and I haven't had my coffee yet...But let's put it this way, we've got a packed cooler and it's all for you!  So hope to see you at the market today...
Farmer Georgie
Willowood Farm of Ebey's Prairie


  1. The head lettuce is S-0-0-0 good, with those radishes and a little blue cheese vinaigrette it is heaven on earth.

  2. Wow sounds so good, wish I were nearby!! Visit me soon!

    Art by Karena

  3. We are waiting for our potatoes to show their heads, onions are taking off and will need to be thinned. Planted in containers, soooo much easier to keep watered and weeded! Just not enough room for all we wanted to plant. I guess the carrots will have to wait!