Friday, December 4, 2009

Busy elves at Willowood Farm...

The worker elves have been busy, busy, busy at Willowood Farm this week!
Busy putting together lots of great local food gift ideas just in time for the holidays. (Unlike Santa's workshop, however, which consists of mistletoe and smells of Christmas wreaths and hot chocolate the Willowood Farm workshop consists of strawbales and smells of garlic and apple cider. But otherwise, you'd never know the difference - really...).
Here's the list of local food gift ideas, straight from the farm, we will be bringing tomorrow (Saturday, Dec. 5) to the Bayview Farmer's Market Holiday Fair at the Bayview Hall, 10 a.m. to 2 p.m., along with a nice selection of frost-kissed local greens and other veggie goodies (think chard, collards, mustards, spinach, arugula, winter squash, etc...).

Willowood Farm Local Food Holiday Gifts
“Gifts from the heart of Ebey’s Reserve…”
All gift orders are first-come, first-serve until I’m out!


Roasting Garlic Sampler Bag

- Prepackaged net bags of 4 DIFFERENT kinds of jumbo size roasting garlic. Each garlic is marked with name variety. Comes with information sheet explaining each different variety, instructions on how to roast garlic and information on the differences of gourmet garlic vs. that boring nasty stuff you find at the grocery store! This is great for a garlic lover or great to bring as a dish to a Xmas party. Simply roast the garlic, add some soft spreadable cheese and crackers or bread, include the tag with the info on the garlic varieties and voila! A tasty and conversation-inspiring dish! $8.99 a bag.

Gourmet Dried Garlic Flakes

- This is a great stocking stuffer! A ½ cup worth of dried Willowood Farm gourmet garlic flakes. To use simply take a pinch of flakes, a pinch of kosher salt and mash together. Makes perfect, aromatic garlic powder everytime! Nothing like that rancid, old store-bought garlic powder. (The difference #1 – Start w/ good garlic and #2 – Only “mash” up as much as you need so it is super fresh and retains all it’s garlic goodness!). Packaged in a clear spice jar with a label and great for those “garlicaholics” who go crazy in the “downtime” of early spring waiting for the next crop…$4.99 a jar.

Garlic Lovers Gift Box

- Already wrapped and ready to go! Includes 2 jumbo size gourmet
garlic (marked with name), an informational card talking about each variety and the differences of gourmet garlic. Plus a 1/4 cup bag of dried Willowood Farm garlic flakes. Attractively packaged in a natural-hued box, tied with ribbon and a little garlic “embellishment.” Perfect gift already ready to go. $10.99 a box.

Garlic Braids

- Approximately 1 lb worth of softneck garlic. Softneck garlic is your best storage garlic and braiding them allows them to keep even longer. Kept in a most homes, not to hot not to cold, they should last 4 months or longer…Braided attractively with decorative dried flowers and an attractive ribbon. 3 kinds of garlic types (specific with one). All braids $14.99
o Inchelium Red. Washington native. Mild raw, decent baker. Good all-purpose.
o Red Toch. From Russia with HEAT! Hot, hot, hot raw! Good all-purpose.
o Nootka Rose. From San Juan Islands. Attractive rose-colored cloves. Sharp, hot flavor good for all purpose.


Dry Culinary Beans
- Peregion Bean Bag – Oregon heirloom. Gorgeous milk chocolate with dark mocha swirls plus a percentage of all dark beans. Beautiful mix. Firm, small nutty bean similar to a Black Turtle type. Perfect for side dish with wild game or go great with simply rich dishes. Bagged in 1 lb clear bag with descriptive topper including recipe. $9.99 a bag.

Heirloom Bean Seed Packs

All seed packs include 2 ounces of seed and come with growing instructions.
- Rockwell Bean Seed Pack. Coupeville heirloom! Grow these amazingly popular beans in your very own garden! 2 oz bag, comes with info on the Rockwell bean and growing instructions. Great stocking stuffer for gardeners! $3 a bag.

Willowood Farm "Harvest Feast" Gift Box
A lovely slatted, re-usable wood box filled with the following:
- Small Winter Squash (farm choice of variety)
- Roasted Garlic Sampler Bag
- Potato Bag (2 lbs of Willowood Farm gourmet potatoes)
- Peregion Culinary Bean Bag
- Spice jar of Willowood Farm Garlic Flakes
- One Rockwell Bean seed pack.
Includes informational sheet on Willowood Farm and the new Farms of Ebey’s self-guided driving brochure. A great gift for local food lovers! $54.99 a box. Preorders only and limited supply! FIRST BOXES WILL BE READY FOR DELIVERY WEEK OF DEC. 7TH or pick up at the Bayview Farmer’s Market Holiday Fair on Dec. 12th or Dec. 19th.

To pre-order any gift items for delivery or pick-up week of Dec. 7th contact Georgie at

You can also purchase many of these items directly at Bayleaf in Coupeville ( , or from Whidbey Green Goods ( on the southend of the island (and have them delivered to your doorstep!) or come to the Willowood Farm booth at the Bayview Farmer’s Market Holiday Fair (Dec. 5th, 12th and 19th) 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. at the Bayview Hall to view any of the items and purchase their directly (as long as supplies last!) or preorder for delivery the following week.

Happy Holidays and THANK YOU for your support of local Whidbey Island farmers!

Farmer (Santa Claus) Georgie
Willowood Farm of Ebey’s Prairie


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