Saturday, October 17, 2009

It's raining, it's pouring - VEGETABLES!

It's raining, it's pouring - VEGETABLES!
So, it appears it might rain today ...(wa-ha-ha...). But we are loaded up and ready to go with a large and lovely selection of fall harvest time veggies for your enjoyment. SO...assuming it isn't a huge lake in the Bayview Farmer's Market set-up area, we will be there and we would sure love to see you!
So, haul out the raincoat and umbrella and come down and see us. I promise, you won't be any wetter than we are!
We will have the following selection at the Bayview Farmer's Market (sorry folks, Coupeville is done til next spring!).
- Prebagged mixes of mesclun, two kinds of gorgeous baby spinach, and arugula!
- Cabbages, cabbages, cabbages! 3 kinds to fulfill all your sauerkraut and coleslaw fantasies plus we will be offering a reduced price on quantity purchases AND a how-to primer on making sauerkraut! It's easy! It's cheap! It's healthy! DO IT!
- A nice selection of fall head lettuce
-1 lb bags with recipes of Rockwell Beans (our local famous bean, featured in the Pacific Northwest Magazine!)
- 1 lb bags with recipe of Back Kabuli Garbanzo beans (authentic Indian chickpea!)
- Kohlrabi (a little zest to add into your sauerkraut, coleslaw creations!)
- Gourmet garlic - food grade and a great selection still for seed garlic (it's not too late to plant, I haven't even started yet!). And beautiful garlic braids as well!
- Taters, taters, taters. Loose by the pound, 2 lbs bags and 10 lbs quantity bags for storage.
- Winter Squash and Pumpkins. A great selection of tasty, beautiful squash and pumpkins.
- Decorative gourds and ornamental corn.
- Broccoli raab bunches (Martha Stewart LOVES it!)
- Beet thinnings bunches and loose beet bottoms
More stuff I'm forgetting...

So come out and stock up! There is still LOADS OF LOCAL FOOD available, you just have to brave the weather to come get it. How brave are you????

P.S. Thanks to Thom Hall for these fabulous market photos!


  1. This is wonderful news. I thought I might have to resort to (gasp!) supermarket veggies.

  2. Anonymous -
    Not if I have anything to say about it! That said, The Goose in Bayview, Prairie Center Red Apple in Coupeville and Star Store in Langley are all carrying some Willowood Farm produce...Plus Bayleaf in Coupeville has a selection as well. The selection is not ike the farmer's market selection, but it is a great beginning to start getting more good, healthy local food available in our local grocery stores!