Saturday, October 10, 2009

It's Festival Time!

It's festival time! Today is the annual Coupeville Harvest Fest at the Coupeville Farmer's Market. Giant pumpkin (and other overly large veggies) contest, and a harvest relay race to raise money for the Gifts From the Heart Food Bank with silly games like udder pulling, pumpkin bowling and grape squeeze. Check out some more information here -
Willowood Farm will be there of course, and in force! We are loading up the Prairie Bottom Farm wagon to the brim with food, with the help of our friends Wilbur and Julieanna at Prairie Bottom Farm.
Afterall, this is THE Coupeville Market to stock up on the bounty and we will make sure we will be providing it. A truckload full of winter squash, another truckload full of 10 lbs storage bags of potatoes (offered at reduced pricing), ornamental gourds, mini pumpkins and ornamental corn for fall decorating, bags of Rockwell Beans and Black Kabuli Garbanzo Beans, loads of gourmet garlic including 1 lb net storage bags, a great selection of seed grade garlic for planting your own, a late planting of sweet corn...And then all the still wonderful fresh veggies - head lettuce, mesclun mix, radishes, broccoli raab, cauliflower, cabbages, chard, parsnips, summer squash, cucumbers, and more!
We also will be bringing a nice selection of all the goodies to the Bayview Farmer's Market as well, for those who don't want to make the drive north and who missed the big booth set-up last week during the farm tour! So come see Mikey at Bayview, he'll be holding down the fort there for us. And if you live Greenbank or south, don't forget to sign up for Mikey's great Whidbey Green Goods fresh local food delivery service if you haven't already! The Bayview market will be over the end of October but Mikey will keep on bringing you great, local food - including Willowood! - and deliver it straight to your doorstep!
We hope to see you out and about today. It's going to be a great harvest-time fall day (farmer's paradise, as far as I'm concerned...).

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