Friday, July 3, 2009

Let's Go Blow Up Some Lettuce!

Who needs the grocery store when you have Willowood Farm? At least in July (and Aug, September, October and probably November too...)! We have A HUGE selection of food coming tomorrow to the Oak Harbor and Bayview farmer's markets - our biggest and best selection yet for amazing July 4th festivities!

Here's a quick list:
From Willowood
- Head Lettuce, Head Lettuce, Head Lettuce - We have a favorite for everybody! And a great deal tomorrow on HUGE beautiful heads - $2.50 each for 2 for $4!
- Stir-fry bunches. A mix of mustards, kales and spinach. A quick, tasty and healthy meal.
- Kale - Several kinds
- Pea vines - new, tender crop!
- Fava Beans. Loads, and loads of fava beans.
- Walla Walla Onions
- Torpedo Onions
- Sugar Snap Peas
- Kohlrabi - big, purple and tasty!
- Garlic - nice early harvest, juicy and tasty
- Swiss Chard
- Tender baby carrot bunches
- Mesclun Mix
From our friends at Prairie Bottom Farm:
- Bulb Fennel
- New Potatoes
- Beets - several kinds
- Big carrot bunches
- Onions bunches
- Baby leeks
- Spinach
- Rutabagas

Also, a shout out to our friends Joe and Jamie Scott at Oystercatcher Restaurant in Coupeville. Due to July 4th festivities, they will be open for lunch only on Saturday and Sunday and featuring lots of great Willowood Farm on their lunch menus. If you haven't had a chance to try out the Oystercatcher, this is a great time to sample!

Hope to see you tomorrow at market and a safe and happy 4th for everyone!

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