Friday, June 12, 2009

Windy Days to Market!

Hello All!

All of us here at Willowood Farm has been feeling a bit wind-burned these days on the prairie! It has been a week, it seems, of constant, endless, unforgiving straight off the Pacific Ocean wind...Seems to vary between about a steady 10 mph and gusts into the 20s. Luckily for us, the green fields of barley do look awfully nice swaying in the breeze!

But now to the good stuff - coming to market tomorrow at Bayview and Coupeville!


Yes, that is very exciting, and definitely deserves all caps. These are turban varieties - the very first variety of the 20+ garlics we grow at Willowood Farm. They will be available as true "green garlic," which means they have not yet been cured for storage. We sell them "on the stalk" so you can hang them up as you eat them and let them cure right in your kitchen. They are fresh, juicy, succulent and well, simply amazing!

And now for all the rest of the veggies to eat with your fresh garlic...
From Willowood Farm
* HUGE heads of lettuce. Another great deal - $2.50 each or 2 for $4.
* Brocolli!
* Japanese salad turnips - red and white. These are amazingly mild and juicy, incredible raw.
* Baby beet thinnings
* Chard bunches
* Walla Walla salad onions with greens
* Torpedo onions with greens
* Garlic scapes - Make sure to ask for the amazing "quick pickled scape" recipe we will have available tomorrow, straight from talented chef Joe Scott at Oystercatcher in Coupeville.
* Dandelion greens - for those of you who have a hunkering for bitter greens! An Italian favorite.
* Rhubarb
* Kohlrabi

From Prairie Bottom Farm and coming to BOTH markets (sorry about the miscue last week at Bayview, Wilbur didn't have enough time to pick for both markets so his stuff just went to Coupeville last week. Since this is his last week being a high school science teacher AND a farmer, we will forgive him...).
- Carrots bunches
- Scallions - red and white
- Beet bunches
- Iceberg lettuce
- Spinach
- Baby lettuce mix
- Bulb Fennel
- Fava Beans - FIRST PICKING!
- And more...

I hope everybody is hungry! And here is a silly picture of me taking a "scape break" in the garlic patch...Check out those farmer hands (a girl has her pride...)!

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