Saturday, June 2, 2012

Wow! What big crops you have my dear....

Early Potatoes!  Looking Good!

Last chance TODAY to get your tickets for the Slow Food "Taste of Whidbey" event scheduled for tomorrow, June 3rd, at the Freeland Hall.  Featuring multiple chefs and farms!  We have tickets available at our booths at both the Coupeville and Bayview farmers markets.

So....I'm starting to get pretty nervous.  I can't help it, it's my "farmer superstition."  As in, things can't really be going THIS good????  Can they?????
Amazing crop of kale this year....4 kinds!
Well so far this spring, things are going well, really great.  And after multiple springs in a row with incredibly bad weather this spring has been a revelation!  Now I know we have had a few cooler, wetter days lately and some more forecasted going forward, but overall, we've had some really nice warm weather with just the right amount of precipitation over the last month.
The crew talking about irrigation in the tomato house
This is unlike last May which was so cold, so wet...we got almost 3 inches of rain in a two day period and I lost a lot of early crops that flooded out!  And yep, we had lots of rain earlier this year (February and April), even more than 2011 BUT....the difference this year is it stopped AND it warmed up.  Something it hasn't done for the last two seasons at least.
The difference shows.  My crops look phenomenal right now, the best I've ever seen them.  And our sales numbers, was hard to make any money when we didn't have much to sell!  Our sales right now are more than double over last years sales!  (kinda frightening).
And our crew this year is fantastic!  We've always had great crews but this year's crew is the bomb.  Hard-working, fun, great to be around.
So, you can see why I'm getting nervous?  Ha-ha.  Even though farmers our the worlds most eternal optimists I think we always tend to tempter that with a big dose of "if?"  But, I think for now, I'm just going to enjoy the ride and assume crops will continue to germinate, we will get the right amount of rain (enough but not too much), temperatures will be moderate and we won't have a 80 mph wind that blows over the greenhouses anytime soon...
Here's a few more photos from this years amazing spring crops...
Amish Speckled Baby Bibb Lettuce.

Three beds of beets w/ carrots under row cover

Peanut in the Peas!
And here's the list for today's markets.  Come see us at either Bayview or Coupeville!  Both markets run from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.
From Willowood:
* Head Lettuce
* Mesclun mix
* Spinach
* Arugula (Bayview only)
* Red and White Japanese Turnips
* Baby Collard Bags
* Kale bunches
* Peregion and Rockwell Beans
* Walla Walla Onions
* Scallion Bunches
* Rhubarb
* Fresh Garlic (on the stalk)
* Artichokes (Bayview only)
From Prairie Bottom Farm we have:
* Herbs
* Beets
* Chard bunches
* Limelight beans
From Georgina's Grains we have Barley, Kamut and Red Wheat whole, cracked and in flour form!
Mikey from Whidbey Green Goods will be at the market with Skagit Valley beef and some other veggie goodies.
Hope to see you at market!
Farmer Georgie
Willowood Farm of Ebey's Prairie

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