Saturday, May 7, 2011

OMG! Look what's under the reemay...

First off - my mother is doing much better!  She's still got a long road of rehab and bad hospital food in front of her, I'm afraid, but she is on the road to recovery now.  So thanks for much for all the kind thoughts, prayers, words and food!  There is certainly no better place to live than a small town when a crisis happens and I'm eternally grateful to my community here on Whidbey...
But now, back to the regularly scheduled program.  Growing veggies!
We had one of those OMG! moments yesterday when we pulled back the reemay.  What is reemay, you might ask?  Well, it is a cheesecloth like material which is booth the boon and bane of every small, organic farmer (and especially their interns!).  It's basically a blanket that allows light and water to move through, that you cover your crops with because you hope it's pluses will outweigh it's minuses.

It's pluses - it's warms the soil encouraging seeds to germinate and plants to grow, it keeps bugs from eating precious crops, it protects crops from harsh winds or pounding weather. 
It's minuses - it's warms the soil encouraging WEEDS to germinate and plants to grow, it likes to go wherever it wants when it's windy (which is like every other day around here), it's a pain in the rear to move around (especially when it's windy!).  And the biggest minus of all - it encourages "reemay blindness."  I.e., hmm..."those plants under the reemay are just fine, don't need to be weeded, aren't ready to be harvested yet,"etc, etc, etc... 
Well yesterday, we uncovered a bunch of rows and discovered - OMG!  We had some food that needed to be harvested RIGHT NOW! So...that's what we did.  And ended up with well, quite a bit more food than we thought we had.  Which we figure, you won't think is a bad thing, right?
So, with that, here is the abundance of things we are bringing to market today, rain or shine...
From Willowood Farm:
* Mesclun - lots of it!
* Spinach - lovely mix of green and red spinach
* Radishes - Cherry Belle and French Breakfast
* Braising greens - one lb bags this week and a great mix of turnip greens, mustards and baby pac choi
* Baby Pac Choi bunches
* Tatoi bunches
* Ruby Streaks mizuna bunches
* Carrot bunches
* Head lettuce
* Garlic greens
* Potato bags
* Dry Beans - Cannelini, Peregions, Black Cocos and Mixed Beans
From our farmer friends Prairie Bottom Farm:
* Egyptian Walking Onions
* Chives
* Scallions
* Garlic Greens
* Dry Beans
* Sara's famous Pie! (Coupeville only).
And from Ebey Road Farm:
Their fabulous Emmer!
So, while it is raining right now I can see light skies in the distance which means (fingers crossed) we will hopefully have a rain free market.  But even so...We will be there, wet or dry, with loads of veggies for your delight!
Hope to see you at market today...
Farmer Georgie
Willowood Farm of Ebey's Prairie

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