Saturday, April 2, 2011

It's windy, it's wet....It must be the Opening Farmer's Market Day in Coupeville!

Well, it just wouldn't feel like opening day at the Coupeville Farmer's Market if we weren't soggy wet and windy to boot!  Ah, nothing like springtime in the Pacific Northwest!
(Sorry southenders, the first Bayview Market starts April 30th.  But we would love to see you at the Coupeville Market today...Just follow the signs!)
 But...despite the weather (or perhaps because of it - at least we aren't under snow like the East Coast!), we are bringing to market what I can confidently say is our BIGGEST AND BEST early spring selection yet.
Overwintered Collard Plant

We've been harvesting from those extra hardy plants that survived our cold and snowy winter (thank you kale, collards, arugula, rhubarb, leeks, carrots and garlic greens!) plus some extra tender yummy greens coming out of our hoophouses and plastic row tunnels which provide just enough extra "oomp" to get the job done.
Along with all the early food harvest, we've been SUPER busy at the farm getting ready for what is looking to be our biggest and best year ever.  We already have our entire crew here - five great interns Ben, Jen, Kate, Sabrina and Janiece plus former intern Kevin back to manage the fields and help guide the team and of course our right hand girl at the markets and in our packing shed, Lauren.  The enthusiasm, work ethic and brain power with this year's team is exciting!
Janiece, one of the 2011 crew.  Thinning carrots.

If Farmer Georgie can just keep up with them...
So expect to be seeing some great food this year - and lots of it!
And now, since I know what your really care about is it there is something on the market wagon today to inspire putting on the rubber galoshes and trudging on down to market, here is the list:
Coming to the Coupeville Farmer's Market TODAY! 
From the fields at Willowood:
    * Mesclun Greens
    * Arugula
    * Braising greens - A mix of kales, collards and mustard greens.
    * Kale bunches
    * Chard bunches
    * Mustard bunches
    * Collard bunches
    * Potato bags - 2 lb and a few 10 lb bags of overwintered taters
    * Garlic greens
    * Nettle bags!  (We took the sting, you take the glory...)
    * Peregion and Black Coco dry bean one pound bags
    * Seed packets for Rockwell, Peregion, Black Coco and Cannelini beans - Grow your own!

Meanwhile, our good friends and neighbors Wilbur and Julieanna at Prairie Bottom Farm are bringing the additional great veggies:
    * Red Bordeaux Spinach
    * Leeks
    * Egyptian Walking Onions
    * Scallions
    * Chives
    * Rhubarb
    * Sage
    * Rockwell, Tiger Eye and Calypso Beans
    * Squash
    * Onions
Now, is that an AWESOME list for the 2nd of April or what?  Hope to see you there!
Farmer Georgie
Willowood Farm of Ebey's Prairie


  1. Go! Willowood Farm and all. The 2011 season is gong to be the best!

  2. Hey Baker Boys! Are you going to be brave and come to the Cpvl market today? It's actually looking like it might be sunny right now! (although windy...).