Monday, February 14, 2011

Local Produce in February - Coupeville Delivery

(Note to Southend folks - we will be doing a Feb. 26th delivery back at The Goose parking lot!).

Brought to you by the Farmers of Ebey’s Prairie
Willowood Farm * Prairie Bottom Farm * Ebey Road Farm * and Georgina’s Grains!

Place your orders by midnight, Feb. 16th for pick-up on Feb. 19th!

Yearning for fresh, local and naturally grown foods?  Wondering if the Farmer’s Markets WILL EVER open again?  Not to fear…your local Ebey’s Reserve farmers are working together to offer a special selection of overwintered and stored local food crops for your culinary enjoyment!

Read below to see what the farms have to offer.  Send an email to Farmer Georgie at with what you would like to order.  Please indicate quantities.  If quantities are limited, orders will be filled first come first serve.

Pick-up at Willowood Farm on Feb 19th from noon til 2 p.m.  Stop by at some time during that window to pick up your order.  Farmer Georgie (Willowood Farm) will have your total cost. 
Directions to the farm - We will email you directions with confirmation of your order. 


Willowood Farm of Ebey’s Prairie.  Farmer Georgie Smith.

Potatoes – All naturally grown (to organic standards).  They have stored very well so far and are still firm and yummy!  Expect them to store up to another 2 months in decent shape kept in the dark and in the 40 to low 50 degree range.
·      All potatoes are sold in 2 lb minimum at $2/lb (or $4),  You can also order a 10 lb bag for $12 a bag and save $8 (except Maris Piper is cheaper, we below). Fingerlings are $5 for a 2 lb bag or a 10 lb bag for $20.
o   Yellow Finn.  Whidbey Island favorite grown for years in central Whidbey.  Yellow flesh, yellow skin.  A great all-purpose yellow good to roast, make fluffy mashed potatoes or hashbrowns.
o   Maris Piper.  An Irish heirloom beloved for its fine-textured “floury” flavor.  White flesh.  Super mashed or grilled.  Our crop of Maris Piper had a fair amount of scab (a visual blemish only, but easily peeled off) so Maris Pipers are priced at $1.50 a lb for 2 lb minimum or a 10 lb bag for $9.
o   Romanze.  A very fancy red-skinned, yellow flesh potato.  Sweet, waxy flavor.  Good roasted, baked or hashed.
o   German Butterballs.  A farm favorite.  Very waxy and very buttery (hence the name).  Our favorite roasted.  Also great boiled and fork mashed, baked and makes great hashbrowns.
o   Purple Majesty.  A very purple potato.  Considered the potato with the highest amount of antioxidants.  Very rich, earthy flavor.  Really good (and pretty) roasted.  Makes cool purple mashed potatoes!
o   Mountain Rose.  An unusual red fleshed, red skinned potato that many consider to be the best flavored red potato ever!  Very nice color, and like the Purple Majesty, very high in antioxidants.  Great roasted, boiled or grilled.
*  Ozette Fingerlings.  Listed on Slow Food Arc of Taste.  Very old potato from the Salish Indian tribe on Olympic Coast, most likely brought by Spaniard explorers.  Many deep eyes making for knobby appearance.  Very waxy, nutty flavor.  Yellow skin, yellow flesh. 
DRY BEANS – Heirloom dry beans grown all natural on Ebey’s Prairie.
·      Dry beans are $10 for a 1 lb bag including a descriptive topper and recipe.  Two or more bags for $9 each.
o   Peregion.  Oregon heirloom dry bean found growing in a hedgerow.  Small tan with mocha swirl beans with about 30 percent solid mocha beans.  Thin-skinned and tender but firm when cooked and hold shape.  Great for bean salads, soups or simply as “beans and rice” type of bean.  Very flavorful with great nutty taste and keeps the cool markings even when cooked.

Prairie Bottom Farm.  Farmers Wilbur and Julieanna Purdue.

Dry Beans           
·      Rockwell.  Coupeville heirloom bean.  Great baked bean.  $10 a lb sold in one or 2 lb bags.
·      Red Marble onion.  Red cippolini type onion.  $1.50 a lb, sold in 2 lb, 5 lb or 10 lb bag.
·      Ailsa Crag onion.  Yellow sweet onion.  Scottish heirloom.  $1.50 a lb, sold in 2 lb, 5 lb or 10 lb bag.

Ebey Road Farm, Farmers Lauren and Clark Bishop
·      Emmer – Aka “Farro.”  Ancient grain from the “fertile crescent.”  Percusor to modern-day wheat hybrids.  $5 for a 1 lb bag.

Georgina’s Grains, Farmer Georgina
·      Khorsan Wheat (aka Kamut).  Another grain from the fertile crescent.  2 lb bags available for $10 a bag.
·      Purple (Tibetan) Barley.  2 lb bags available for $10 a bag.

Will we do this again?  Yes depending on the response AND if we have product. We hope to hold several more offerings, including a central Whidbey delivery, prior to the markets opening in April/May.  So as long as we have food, and you want it, I would imagine we will do this several times! 

THANK YOU for your support!
Willowood Farm
Prairie Bottom Farm
Ebey Road Farm
Georgina’s Grains….

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