Saturday, October 9, 2010

Harvest Festival Today!

Well, based on the wind hollowing and the pitter-patter of rain at my door, it's going to be a wild and woolly one for the biggest, best, and LAST Coupeville Farmer's Market of the season - Coupeville Harvest Festival!
For those of you who haven't attended the Coupeville Farmer's Market, well this is the one not to miss!  There were be all sorts of activities, including a crazy "Harvest Relay" with teams doing things like bowling mini pumpkins, and shelling Rockwell beans in a rocking chair.  All good fun to raise money for the Good Cheer Food Bank. 
And there are all sorts of "Giant" vegetable contests.  Giant zucchinis, giant onions and giant Pumpkins of course!  The annual Coupeville Giant Pumpkin weigh-off happens at the Coupeville Harvest Festival and it is always an impressive site when pumpkins have to be unloaded on pallets with a pallet fork!
Willowood and Prairie Bottom farms put on our MOST impressive food display of the year.  And if we don't amaze with the amount of food we bring, well then, I don't figure we've done our job. 
I think we'll do it, however. 
We've spent the last week compiling TWO wagon loads full of food. 
Including a 1000 lbs of so of really cool and yummy winter squash, 100+ ten pound bags of potatoes, 100 or so bags of Rockwell Beans, 30 or so bags of garlic, 60+ baby bags of fingerling and mixed colored baby potatoes, oodles of ten pound onion bags and then all the other extras like chard, collards, kale, leeks, tomatoes, basil, cucumbers, spinach, lettuce, carrots, beets, corn, kohlrabi, fennel, green beans, summer squash, braising green bunches, onions, food and seed garlic and, and, and more we are sure!'s a lot of food!  We will be offering discounted specials on garlic, potatoes and onions to store for the winter.  We will also have a LARGE selection of all our favorite seed garlic available, so if you are thinking about growing your own this year, come down and check out what we've got.
Not to mention now is the time to buy the great heirloom pumpkins and winter squashes that will turn into fabulous pies, soups and other yummy dishes to warm your tummy as fall and winter weather set in for good.  So it is a great time to come down and stock up - no matter what the weather!
For those of you down at the Bayview market - we will have a limited offering down there.  Not to worry, back in force starting next week.
In the meantime - hope to see you in Coupeville!
Farmer Georgie,  off to brave the elements....
Willowood Farm of Ebey's Prairie

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