Saturday, September 25, 2010

Sun? Sun? Sun? Perhaps it will be all okay...

Well, things are looking a bit more "sunny" this week.  Literally and figuratively!  Not only is the actual sun predicted to shine today and mostly prevail (except for apparently Sunday) for the following week, we seem to be making progress on the farm with our "emergency" drying procedures aimed at well, actually bringing into harvest some of the crops we've been working all summer to grow!
The ducks, however, thought all the rain was quack-tastic!

This past week we were able to create an "emergency bean dryer" out of my father's dump truck.  Mounted some pegboard up a few inches above the bed, installed some high-powered fans and a board to direct the air under the peg board and "voila" a bean dryer!  What's even better?  It seems to be working!  Our truckload of VERY soggy Rockwell Bean plants are, dare I say, dry enough to thrash perhaps even today!
Which is a VERY good thing considering we have at least 2 more truckloads of soggy Rockwell plants to go!  Not to mention the whole other 2 acres of different bean varieties!
I was also starting to panic about the garlic.  Which is normally just fine hanging out in the barn this time of year.  But not on this wet, wet fall!  The air was so wet that everything was starting to get damp, damp, damp.  And garlic doesn't like that!  Luckily, we had an extra cooler room to spare, which when rigged with a heater and a dehumidifier and what do we get - much happier garlic! (Not to mention a pleasantly warm, stinky room to hang out in!).
And even better, we had dry enough weather the past few days to get our first attempt at potato harvest!  Yee-haw!  We didn't have too much time and not near enough people, but...we were able to harvest 2 bins (1000+ total pounds) of potatoes out of two rows.  Wow!  That's some yield folks!
The jury is still out on the winter squash harvest - we need some more sun and warmth for that crop, for sure - but overall, definitely a more positive week to be a farmer this week than last!  Thank you sunshine!
But, I know you guys are all about one thing.  What yummy goodies can we expect to see at market today?  So, let's get right on it.
Shell beans - "pre-shelled."

One thing we are bringing in nice selection this week are shell beans. 
Shell beans, which most American's are not familiar with, are one of those great old-fashioned simple foods that use to be on everybody's plate come this time of year.  They aren't complicated - just beans that need to be shelled.  And oh so pretty and yummy. 
We will have several varieties to choose from and some recipes.  But basically, the deal with shell bean's is they are like a dry bean, only they aren't dry yet.  Which means they not only cook up quickly (figure 20 to 30 minutes, max), but they hold their shape well and are super sweet and creamy.  You do need to plan a bit of time to shell them.  But they come out of their pods quickly and it's a fun thing to do while drinking a glass of wine and enjoying a little fall sunshine!  We particularly enjoy them tossed with fresh pasta, fresh garlic, some sauteed kale greens and topped with a bit of Little Brown Farm's fabulous goat cheese!  (Available at Bayleaf in Coupeville for those of you who don't go to the Bayview Farmer's Market).
And now that I've rambled on WAY too long, let's get to the list!
Coming to the Coupeville and Bayview farmer's markets TODAY:
From Willowood Farm:
* Garlic - both seed (for planting) and food (for eating).  Nice selection of both!
* Head Lettuce - they are huge!
* Shell Beans - we have 3 kinds!  Peregion, Cannelini and Black Coco.
* Leek bunches
* Onions - Torpedoes (fabulous grilled!), Ailsa Crag (big and sweet) and Cippolinis (red & white!)
* Baby Pac Choi
* Kale  - Multiple kinds!
* Rainbow Chard
* Collards
* Potatoes of all sizes and colors
* Red Cabbage
* Some winter squash (just picked yesterday, needs to sit on your kitchen counter and look pretty and "ripen" a bit more!
* A few peppers!
* Tomatillos!
* A few tomatoes...
* And more...
From our friends at Prairie Bottom Farm
* Cucumbers galore - pickling, slicing, lemon, etc...
* Summer Squash
* Beet bunches
* Carrots
* Dill
* Spinach
* Arugula
* Lettuce Mix
* Chives
* Basil
* Scallions
And more...
Hope to see you at the market!
Farmer Georgie
Willowood Farm of Ebey's Prairie

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  1. Sure wish I lived in Washington-- your yummy stuff sounds just perfect!! Do you ship garlic to TEXAS yet??

    Love you.
    Aunt Wendy